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In recent years the kitchen has become a very important area for family life and entertaining. No longer just a place in which to cook, the contemporary kitchen can be a cutting-edge space for dining, meeting, working and playing. It is also a great reflection of our personalities and family dynamics.

That is why we pay special attention when working with our clients on refurbishing, installation, or doing new kitchens. From initial planning to finishing touches, a WR Service team can assist clients at every stage of the process.

Designing a kitchen and buying furniture and equipment for it is always a big decision that requires careful planning and review of numerous options. We always share our knowledge and experience with our clients so that they can avoid mistakes and spend their money in the most reasonable way.

Safety is also a prime consideration in the kitchen. We have a team of certified electricity and gas installers as well as a team of supervisors that make sure you can enjoy your new kitchen safely!

Please, keep in mind that the quality of the pictures may be poor. However, we are always willing to take you to the place so that you can see the professional works we do. All the pictures in our gallery have been taken entirely by our personnel (without the help of professional photographers).

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