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House Extensions - professional London services

Making the most of the space we have is particularly important when living in big cities such as London. A house extension is one of the solutions that can not only improve your living comfort, but also significantly increase the value of your house. A well-designed and built home extension can, for example, provide you with a larger kitchen, dining area, utility room or a beautiful greenhouse.

It is a complex project that requires careful planning and a lot of expertise in providing design ideas. WR Service team has all the skills and experience needed to assist you with your house extension and help you make informed decisions. From the planning and design stage, through the construction phase to the finishing touches, we are happy to assist you. Our highly experienced team of builders, designers and installers work together to help you smoothly complete the project and fully enjoy your additional living space for lowest costs.

Please, keep in mind that the quality of the pictures may be poor. However, we are always willing to take you to the place so that you can see the professional works we do. All the pictures in our gallery have been taken entirely by our personnel (without the help of professional photographers).

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